Failures on the executive floor paralyze every company - nevertheless, the search for a suitable replacement must not be carried out under time pressure that affects quality. In such cases, temporary management (interim management) can be the solution that gives the company the necessary room for maneuver.

For us, interim management does not mean that we think or work "interim". Our assignments are characterised by high commitment and a sense of responsibility.

We have many years of management and consulting experience in industries such as

  • Food production
  • Trade
  • Banks
  • Reusable energies
  • Recycling


We support you in the following areas:


Strategy is the beginning and end of every entrepreneurial action. Therefore we see it as our task to carry out a strategy check for new mandates. This check then results in the need for action to be jointly agreed.

Our experience from decades of management and consulting activity ensures a pragmatic and practical approach.


Companies have their life cycles. This also includes difficult times. But one goal remains: Preservation or renewal of the capital invested in the company.

To achieve this goal, far-reaching measures may be necessary - measures that require extraordinary management skills. Such skills are only necessary for a certain period of time and can be provided by us.

Successful turnaround projects are part of our track record.