The further development of the company always leads to projects whose management exceeds the resources available in the company. We make such capacities available on a tailor-made basis.

Both partners have worked on complex projects in the course of their professional activities and have successfully managed large projects.


We support you in the following areas:

Organizational consulting

The rapidly changing needs of the market require a continuous review and adaptation of the processes and structures of a company. The implementation of these adjustments is one of the key tasks of management.

Factors such as growth, mergers/demergers of groups of companies, fundamental changes in strategy, etc. require more comprehensive reorganizations. Such reorganizations absorb management resources during a limited time that are usually not available in SMEs.

We provide such resources to manage complex projects.

The well-founded education as a federally certified organizer and the experience in managing organizational projects ensure a competent service.


Controlling comes from the English "to control" and includes steering and controlling. The combination of active and reactive activities is of crucial importance for corporate management. But how do you do that? Both large banks and SMEs have long since developed these instruments.

We were actively involved in the development and application of controlling tools at a large bank as well as at SMEs.